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April 11, 2009


pacificit Gravtar
on 23 Apr 09 at 15:57 CEST
Kinda disappointed by the post by e-mail. Was hoping it would be the same standard set by Pixelpipe and Shozu for uploading pictures by e-mail... but it's not. Also the BIGGEST part missing from Storytlr right now is to blog by email... or ANYTHING... without having to log in. No xml-rpc support.. not even just Subject=Title, Body=Body type of post submissions. Really sad. I'm thinking all the excitement about being invited to the Google conference will totally eclipse any further development in anything for some time. I'll just have to sit and wait. Or look around at other services....
eschnou Gravtar
on 23 Apr 09 at 16:58 CEST
Hi Robert,

Post by email works great for most of our users, so you must be experiencing an issue (although I don't see errors in my logs). Maybe due to a Japanase charset or something like that ?

Please send us an email to support at with details of what goes wrong.

Thanks !
pacificit Gravtar
on 23 Apr 09 at 17:03 CEST
Heh. If I used the extended character set I wouldn't be concerned, but I don't. Posting pictures (in the unstandard way) does work. That's not an issue. Straight blogging simply doesn't. I'll pass this on to support. Thanks!
eschnou Gravtar
on 23 Apr 09 at 17:08 CEST
Actually, we normally support extended charset, so that should even work. I use french accents in my posts and it works great. I'm looking forward to your email to we can start helping you.

Worth trying with another email provider as well to have more data points. Thanks for helping us debug this !
laura Gravtar
on 19 Mar 11 at 0:25 CET
bella descrizione complimenti interessante