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March 22, 2009
How to add a 'Blog' tab or other custom view of your data

Following our new release, we've received the same request from various users: "how did eschnou add a 'blog' tab showing only his blog entries ?". It is really easy to do, but not necessarily obvious (something to make easier in the next release). Here is how to do it:

  • Add another page of the type 'lifestream'
  • Click the 'customize' link
  • Select the sources (storytlr is one of them) that you want to display
  • Select the type of data to show (here, blog only)
  • Pick a nice title
  • Click save and you are done !

You can also reorganize the order of the tabs. The one on top will always be the first one displayed when a user visits your page. So yes, you can also get rid of the default lifestream page if you don't like it.


Figure 1: You can add and customize additional 'lifestream' pages



plastica Gravtar
on 2 Apr 09 at 23:51 CEST
Storytlr is awesome.I'm considering switching entirely to storytlr, instead of a self-hosted blog.
luca Gravtar
on 22 Dec 10 at 0:24 CET
si direi fantastico
cristina Gravtar
on 19 Mar 11 at 0:22 CET
very beautiful nice