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April 11, 2009
Post by email (& more) makes it on time for your Easter weekend !

Hello Storytellers !

Right on time for Easter, we bring you the 9th release of storytlr, and we hope you'll like it as much as we do. New features include post by email, a much improved bookmarklet, a new 'dashboard' view, plus the usual tweaking and debugging. Details below and, as always, we count on you to help us test this out. Please ping us by mail or on twitter if you come accross any issue !

Post by email: In the Tools section, you'll find a new tab where you can configure your private inbox. Anything you send there will be posted on your stream. Attachements are supported, so it is now really easy to post a picture or some audio from your mobile phone !

Bookmarklet: It is finally possible to directly post video embeds, and these will be recognized as videos and correctly displayed in your video gallery ! You can now link to picture or mp3 a file hosted elsewhere.

Per page RSS feeds: The RSS feed associated with a page now correctly reflects the content of that page. So, the RSS of a picture gallery will contain only pictures. You can even build your own RSS feeds, for example filtering out status updates. We've also added proper support of audio enclosure, so your RSS can also serve as a Podcast !

Dashboard page: As the name implies, this page presents all your latest activities in a dashboard view. This is becoming the default 'Home' page for new users. Check the dashboard of eschnou to see what it looks like.

SEO improvements: Entries permalink are now prettier, we've removed duplicates as much as possible and added 'nofollow' where necessary. We've also added more meta information and more microformats. Finally, we now ping blogsearch at google whenever you post an item on your stream (not for imports). We are not SEO experts, so if you have ideas on what we must still improve, send us an email !


We wish you a great Easter weekend ! If you travel and make some great stories please let us know !




-Laurent & Alard



julien Gravtar
on 11 Apr 09 at 10:01 CEST
Génial encore une magnifique mise à jour, vous êtes vraiment en train de construire l'outil parfait,... Me réjouis d'être devant mon Mac pour tester tout ca,.!!!!

Bravo à vous!
J'essaie de vous faire un feesback
nicolas Gravtar
on 12 Apr 09 at 15:47 CEST
Congrat pour cette release, ca deviens vraiment de mieux en mieux!
emgenius Gravtar
on 14 Apr 09 at 11:29 CEST
j'adooooore storytlr. Vive Lîîtch'


pacificit Gravtar
on 23 Apr 09 at 15:57 CEST
Kinda disappointed by the post by e-mail. Was hoping it would be the same standard set by Pixelpipe and Shozu for uploading pictures by e-mail... but it's not. Also the BIGGEST part missing from Storytlr right now is to blog by email... or ANYTHING... without having to log in. No xml-rpc support.. not even just Subject=Title, Body=Body type of post submissions. Really sad. I'm thinking all the excitement about being invited to the Google conference will totally eclipse any further development in anything for some time. I'll just have to sit and wait. Or look around at other services....
eschnou Gravtar
on 23 Apr 09 at 16:58 CEST
Hi Robert,

Post by email works great for most of our users, so you must be experiencing an issue (although I don't see errors in my logs). Maybe due to a Japanase charset or something like that ?

Please send us an email to support at with details of what goes wrong.

Thanks !
pacificit Gravtar
on 23 Apr 09 at 17:03 CEST
Heh. If I used the extended character set I wouldn't be concerned, but I don't. Posting pictures (in the unstandard way) does work. That's not an issue. Straight blogging simply doesn't. I'll pass this on to support. Thanks!
eschnou Gravtar
on 23 Apr 09 at 17:08 CEST
Actually, we normally support extended charset, so that should even work. I use french accents in my posts and it works great. I'm looking forward to your email to we can start helping you.

Worth trying with another email provider as well to have more data points. Thanks for helping us debug this !
laura Gravtar
on 19 Mar 11 at 0:25 CET
bella descrizione complimenti interessante
April 13, 2009
April 16, 2009
Introducing the new Irresistible theme by WooThemes

When Mark Krynsky blogged about it, we totaly felled for it. So much that it also inspired our new dashboard page and that Alard immediately started to port it. The Irresistible theme is a free, GPLed, theme by WooThemes, so they were happy for us to go ahead and make it available to you. You can have a look at what it looks like on this demo page. Enjoy !


Update: To have this nice view with activities grouped by categories, you must add a 'Dashboard' page to your site. Simply go to Configure -> Pages to do so. Move the page to the top of the list to make it the default one.




krynsky Gravtar
on 16 Apr 09 at 17:28 CEST
Great job guys. However you may need to provide some instructions or tutuorial on how to modify it to get it to look like the demo page. I selected the theme but it doesn't provide the content the same way so I'm guessing it needs to be configured properly. Keep up the good work.
eschnou Gravtar
on 16 Apr 09 at 17:53 CEST
Thanks Mark ! I've updated the post. You need to add a 'Dashboard' page to have this view. While you are at it, you can also look at our Picture and Video gallery, I'm sure you'll like it :-)
seios Gravtar
on 24 Apr 09 at 17:39 CEST
That theme is marvellous. Has a professional look and its totally free. i think ill try it in my blog.


jacopogio Gravtar
on 17 Apr 09 at 9:42 CEST
Well done !
julienferla Gravtar
on 17 Apr 09 at 13:51 CEST
Very cool for the team ..! Google will buy storytlr !! :-P
April 26, 2009