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December 5, 2008
How can you support Storytlr ?

Someone asked us today on the feedback page how he could support storytlr. I thought it would be nice to share the answer with all you. If you really like what we are doing then there is a lot you can do to help.

As explained on the site, we are not a company. Storytlr is just a fun project run from our garage (actually... the atic and the living room, but that is details :-). Today our only goal is to build a great platform that people enjoy using to support their online presence. If we are successfull (measured in growth & other metrics), then we can start thinking about making this business and having revenue models.

In order to help us achieve our goal (great service & growth), here is what you can do:

  • Feedback ! We cannot guess what our users really want. So you have to tell us. Please share your frustrations, bugs, and great ideas with us. On the feedback forum or by email.
  • Talk about us ! Write a blog post, share your page and your stories with your friends, suggest to a magazine to write an article on the future of blogging (yes.. the future is storytelling ;-)
  • Vote for us ! Right now you can vote for us at the crunchies (you can vote everyday by the way). Just click here, and do it everyday if you really really like storytlr :-)

But you are already doing the most important: using the service. This is a great satisfaction for us, it demonstrates that we do some things right, and it encourages us to improve and enhance.

Thank you all for your support !

December 21, 2008
Release 5 is live: Any item, anywhere, anytime & more

Hello Storytellers !


It has been now almost two months since our launch and we wanted to thank you all for the fantastic feedback, comments and coverage that we've seen on blogs, twitter and our own forum. This adventure is a first for us, we keep on learning, doing mistakes, hearing your feedback and improving. So please, do continue to share your ideas, bugs and frustrations with us.


We've just pushed a new release live. The focus this time was on consolidating the existing service: we are refactoring our code to be in better position to grow (users and features), we try to bring more uniformity in the site behavior, and we went through many bug fixes. Practicaly, this means the following updates:

  • Use any item of any type in a story: If you want to add links, blog posts, audio items, whatever to a story, you can do it ! We've removed all limitations. In the future we'll try to improve how we integrate some of these items (like a blog post) in the story flow.
  • Change the date/time for any item: If you want to move a youtube video back to the exact date/time of when it was filmed, to make your lifestream more coherent, or to use it in a story, you can now do it.
  • Edit any item: A typo in a tweet ? Want to add a note to a delicious bookmark ? Now you can edit any item in your stream. After all, it is your own content right ?

If you read between the lines, you'll understand that we've been working on a better abstraction layer above all the different data sources. This will now enable us to move towards things like filtering, developper API, etc... All nice things you should see coming in 2009 !


Expect to see release 6 (yeah, we should name our releases) around mid~end january, in the meanwhile, please let us know if we broke anything or if you have cool new ideas to share !




-Laurent & Alard


Julien Gravtar
on 21 Dec 08 at 14:16 CET
happy to see this new feature, thank guys Good Job ..!!

Bookmarklet soon ?
jeff Gravtar
on 21 Dec 08 at 16:40 CET
What a great service! Lovin' my storytlr.
auroch Gravtar
on 22 Dec 08 at 8:29 CET
Excellent le nouveau template !!!
J'adopte ;-)

Et l'édition complète des posts en ce compris date et heure, c'est vraiment flexible.

Félicitations et merci.
damienvanachter Gravtar
on 22 Dec 08 at 20:01 CET
bravo pour cette release ! Vivement le bookmarklet !
mohall Gravtar
on 25 Dec 08 at 14:25 CET
Nice update guys, thanks, I'm lovin' it.
svartling Gravtar
on 27 Dec 08 at 20:04 CET
Great update for a great lifestream service. Thanks
eschnou Gravtar
on 30 Dec 08 at 17:41 CET
Hi guys ! Thanks for the comments and feedback ! It is highly motivating !

The bookmarklet is nearly done, will be part of the next release (should be mid january). I look forward to your feedback on this new feature !
December 22, 2008
December 27, 2008
December 28, 2008
December 30, 2008
Storytlr gets realtime updates thanks to Gnip !

Hello Storytellers !

Did you notice that your Delicious, Digg and Seesmic entries are appearing much faster on your page than before ? In fact they should appear in realtime, just like for your tweets. This means that your homepage is becoming an even better reflection of your online identity, always up to date with your latest actions.


Of course, this does not matter much if no one knows about the updates. So we plan to integrate with Twitter and other platforms to push notifications to your friends. When you post something new, with Storytlr, or through a service being imported, your friends will get immediately notified. We also plan to have your page automatically refresh when new content in available. All this in a move to make the 'instant web' a reality for you and your friends. Watch for our next release !


This would not have been possible without the Gnip API. These guys surely have PhD's in polling infrastructures,  we don't :-) They do all the complex stuff like polling or interfacing with XMPP data sources so we spend less time on backend and more time on core features. Added benefit ? Much less bandwidth and processing power used on our side, which is always good to keep costs low. This is essential for us, being only two guys with a day job, time and money are precious resource.

Of course this is just the begining, Gnip will be adding more data sources in the future and we will keep on integrating them in our services. In addition to that, we are just seeing the begining of XMPP/Push architectures replacing RSS/Pull for delivery of activity streams. This will enable many new use cases and services, most of them we probably don't even imagine today ! We would love to hear your feedback on this, what does 'instant web' means to you ?




kylemaxwell Gravtar
on 30 Dec 08 at 16:46 CET
As long as the notifications sent via Twitter are customizable / configurable so I don't inundate people, this looks awesome!
mcastel Gravtar
on 3 Jan 09 at 1:04 CET
Looks really interesting: in particular, I'd like much the notifications send back to twitter (as long as I can configure them, of course, in order not to be too invasive)

Looking forward for the next release, thanks for your good work!